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Online Healthcare Administration Career Center

Welcome to Healthcare Administration Center! Here you will find resources dedicated to helping you begin your career as an administrator in the healthcare field. State-specific degree programs, fellowships, job opportunities and interview tips are just some of the helpful things you will find on this site.

Healthcare Administration Fellowship Programs

A fellowship in healthcare administration can be a great way to get your foot in the door in terms of building your career. The learning experience that you are presented with will help guide you through the process of choosing a permanent career. In addition, the relationships that you build during your fellowship will help foster new opportunities to find work in many different areas of healthcare.

Finding a fellowship can be a bit of a daunting task since there are not many databases that list all of the available fellowships. That’s why we have created our own easy to use search function that will help you find a fellowship in your state. Simply click on your state(s) of interest on the map below and you will be presented with relevant fellowship programs. The map will be added soon. The database is in the process of being built.

Healthcare Administration Fellowship Programs By State


How Long Is A Fellowship?

Most healthcare administration fellowship programs last from one to two years. You will usually find that larger institutions require a two year fellowship. This is necessary to allow enough time to become fully acclimated to the size and scope of a large organization.

You will need to think about how much time you will be willing to spend in a fellowship. If you are an early careerist and don’t have much work experience it would be a good idea to look for a two year fellowship. This will give you more time to build your resume and polish your skills in the administrative environment.

Those individuals who already have healthcare experience and are looking for a way to get a foot in the administrative door might prefer to take a one year position. In addition, a one year program may be sufficient for a smaller health center or hospital.

How Many Fellows Are Chosen?

health administratorsThe number of fellows that a program will accept varies across institutions. Most healthcare administration fellowship programs only allow between one and five fellows per year. The reason for this is that most fellows are paid as regular employees. This is not a position that requires you to pay tuition.

The other reason that very few fellows are selected is that most organizations try to make the fellowship into a strong mentorship experience. It would be difficult to thoroughly mentor and professionally develop more than a handful of people at one time.

Healthcare Administration Fellowship Degree Requirements

It is very important that you read through all of the application requirements for a fellowship before applying. In most cases you will need at least a Master degree in a business or health related field. For example, many programs will accept students who have an MBA, MPH or some high level medical training such as an MD or MN.

If you do not yet have a Master degree you might want to think about making that your next step to pursuing your career goals. However, it is important that you weigh the costs and benefits before taking the plunge into graduate level education. Tuition is not cheap, so take some time to sit down and think about what you really want to get out of it and what your future goals are.

If you decide that a graduate education is the right thing for you, please feel free to visit the healthcare administration degree page to find programs in your state(s) of interest.

Job Placement After Completing A Fellowship

Most fellows find that many job placement opportunities open up to them after the completion of their fellowship. This is especially true at larger institutions where more jobs might be available.

Many health centers that have fellowships invest a great deal of time, effort and money into developing and training their fellows for a future position within the institution. The goal is to teach fellows everything they need to know to be successful at the organization prior to placing them in a permanent role. This is great news for fellows since it means that finding a job after the fellowship is complete should be less stressful.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should not expect that you are guaranteed a job after the fellowship ends. There are factors outside of your control that can come into play (e.g., economic downturns, financial constraints, etc.). On top of that, your one or two years of fellowship work is your opportunity to prove that you are going to be a good employee. If you fail to set yourself apart as someone who is truly committed to your organization, it will be less likely that your institution will make a push to keep you.