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Welcome to Healthcare Administration Center! Here you will find resources dedicated to helping you begin your career as an administrator in the healthcare field. State-specific degree programs, fellowships, job opportunities and interview tips are just some of the helpful things you will find on this site.

Healthcare Administration Schools in Arizona

Arizona is an incredibly beautiful place to visit on almost a year round basis. The only exception would be during the mid summer when temperatures can soar well into the 100s. However, this heavily depends on the altitude at which you are living.

For those of you who enjoy outdoor activities, Arizona is the perfect place to take in the surrounding beauty of nature. Hundreds of miles of hiking trails are available, and mountainous terrain provides plenty of challenges even for experienced hikers.

If you happen to decide on attending a school in Arizona, I would highly recommend taking the time to make a trip to the Grand Canyon. It is a indescribable marvel of nature, and the Hoover Damn is right near by as well. You should also visit the Cococinono National Forest, home to the largest contiguous Ponderosa pine forest in North America.

You can also head to Sedona, Arizona to see some beautiful red rock formations. The red sandstone formations in the area look like they are glowing when the sun sets and rises. It’s pretty amazing.

Healthcare Administration Schools In Arizona

Arizona State

arizona state universityArizona State offers a Master of Science in Clinical Research Management. The programs attract students on both a national and international scale. This program is slightly different from what you would typically expect out of an administration degree.

A Master of Science in Clinical Research Management is best suited to those students who have already had a medical background. If you have not had a medical background, you will be required to meet certain prerequisites before applying to the program. For those of you who are interested in potentially managing a laboratory in the future, this would be a good fit for you.

More info here.

Grand Canyon University

grand canyon universityThe program offered by Grand Canyon University is a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration. The program is designed to prepare students to take on leadership roles in upper and middle management.

Course work focuses on health care delivery models, ethical and legal obligations, cost containment, workforce management and many other topics. A capstone course also allows students to utilize the skills and knowledge they have learned throughout the program to plan and develop a large healthcare related project.

More info on the Grand Canyon program here.

Northern Arizona

northern arizona universityNorthern Arizona (NA) offers an online Master of Administration in Health Sciences. Many individuals are looking for a program that offers the flexibility to work full time while earning a degree. NA offers students a great opportunity to earn a degree without over burdening them with course work that is going to impact their current career.

The NA site describes their program as being a good fit for those who…

  • want to continue to work while attending school
  • would like to enhance current management skills
  • have the desire to learn more about disease prevention and health promotion
  • want to work in the field of health promotion

More program information on the program here

Ottawa University

ottawaThis program focuses heavily on building a strong background and understanding of healthcare systems. Ottawa aims to develop the skills to provide quality health services to patients without sacrificing quality and efficiency. If you have been in healthcare for any period of time you know that efficiency and quality are huge areas of focus right now.

The website does not seem to offer much information about the program. You may need to call for more information if you are interested. Main website here.

University of Arizona

university of arizonaThe Division of Community  Environment and Policy offers a Master degree in Health Policy and Management. The program includes a portion of required courses that are more broadly focused on public health. It also includes management focused courses and 12 credits of electives for a total of 45 required credit hours.

The program is focused on building the experience and expertise needed to implement both health management and policy changes to influence the health an organization provides to its patients. U Arizona focuses heavily on populations located in the Southwest United States.

More info

University of Phoenix

university of phoenixThe University of Phoenix offers options to customize your degree with additional areas of focus. For example, you can earn a Master of Health Administration with an added focus in education, gerontology or informatics.

Phoenix sets learning goals for their students that correlate with standard classwork. However, there are also opportunities to learn through other opportunities such as:

  • Creating strategic plans for health organizations
  • Understanding the impact of health policy choices on the delivery of healthcare
  • Evaluating IT and security needs in the health field
  • Demonstrate management through financial and economic analysis

Cost Of Living Data For Arizona

As mentioned earlier, Arizona is a beautiful place to live. If you don’t mind a bit of heat you will feel right at home in this state.

Below is some information regarding the cost of living in Arizona. Certain parts of the state can be expensive, but this is true of pretty much any state. For the most part, you should be able to find affordable housing if you decide to go to one of the above schools.

arizona cost of living

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