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Healthcare Administration Schools in Delaware

Delaware is another beautiful state located on the Atlantic coastline. If you’re like me and you love having water nearby, this state is another great option in terms of places to live.

Delaware is a state full of historic museums, homes, and lighthouses. It also has a multitude of public parks and wildlife areas for you to enjoy during your free time.

The beaches are very popular tourist destinations, but if you do a bit of hunting around you can find waterfront areas with some privacy. Don’t expect to have an entire beach to yourself unless the locals tell you their secret spots (good luck!).

As you probably already know, Delaware is a very small state. According to the Beuruau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 730 individuals working in the health administration field in the state. This is a bit low compared to other states, even when accounting for the reduced land area.

The annual mean wage for an employee in health management is around $108,690 per year. This is higher than average for this position in the US, but remember to take into account the higher cost of living (data at bottom of page).

Healthcare Administration Schools in Delaware

Wilmington University

wilmingtonMaster of Business Administration – Health Administration Concentration

Requires the completion of 5 health admin courses related to policy, law, economics, finance, etc.

12 core classes – 36 credits

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Cost of Living in Delaware

One of the great things about Delaware is that you will find lots of local amenities at your disposal. As mentioned earlier, there are many historical sites that students can visit in addition to the beautiful ocean nearby.

If you feel like getting away from school for a bit, the Nation’s capitol is right down the road. It’s not too much of a stretch to drive to Philadelphia, Atlantic City and New York as well.

The cost of living in Delaware is higher than in other states. Many of the coastal states tend to be more expensive due to the fact that the water draws in the more affluent individuals who can afford beachfront homes. This causes prices to rise throughout the area.

Here are some more specifics on cost of living.

delaware cost of living

Next on the list is Washington D.C.