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Welcome to Healthcare Administration Center! Here you will find resources dedicated to helping you begin your career as an administrator in the healthcare field. State-specific degree programs, fellowships, job opportunities and interview tips are just some of the helpful things you will find on this site.

Healthcare Administration Schools in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C., the Nation’s Capitol, is an extremely popular place to live. With a plethora of historic monuments and museums to visit, as well as a wide variety of activities to keep you occupied, D.C. is a great place for students to explore and learn.

With quick access to political offices, this is a great place for those of you who are interested in health policy. The relatively recent passing of the Affordable Care Act should make D.C. a very interesting place for healthcare managers and policymakers in the coming years.

The BLS provides employment information for the state of Maryland, so we will use that data to gauge the job outlook around the D.C. area. There are approximately 9,890 individuals employed in some form of a health management role in the state. This is higher than average when you take into account the square mile size of Maryland. It’s not a big state, but it does have some great hospitals and schools that are prime workplaces for individuals in healthcare.

The median salary for a health management worker in the state is about $100,920. This is more than enough to get by on, however, remember to take into account the cost of living. Washington D.C. is a very expensive place to live, so be sure to include that in your budgeting when you are looking for schools. This will be a common theme for many states.

Healthcare Administration Schools in Washington D.C.

Georgetown University

georgetown universityMaster of Science in Health System Administration

Nationally recognized program that focuses on the health system perspective, full and part-time options available

48 credit hours

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Cost of Living in Washington D.C.

As I mentioned earlier, Washington D.C. is a very expensive place to live. Rental prices for a one bedroom apartment approach $1,400 or more in many areas. If you want a really nice place you’re going to have to fork over a lot of change.

If you’re willing to pay, D.C. can be a very fun and exciting place to live. For some reason, the crime is higher than average in the area. Areas at the far ends of the economic spectrum (very affluent and very poor) tend to have more crime. Be sure to do a bit of research on your neighborhood before signing on the dotted line for an apartment. This step should always be done, no matter the city.

washington dc cost of living

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